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NexGen Mustard Vintage Capacitors Are Here!

Released February 2014, our newest line of tube amp capacitors have been thoroughly tested by L.A.'s best tube amp builders. They are handmade to exact vintage specs, and beat everything available, even in high gain situations.


Sozo Capacitors Movie

SoZo Capacitors - We Make Capacitors for Music!

Mainstream capacitors are designed to be as small as possible, and are engineered for multiple purposes and efficient manufacturing.

Unfortunately, in music gear such as amplifiers, preamps, mixing boards, microphones, compressors, equalizers, outboard effects, and hi-fi equipment, these capacitors don't sound good.

Vintage capacitors are much better for music applications because they were engineered for sound and actually SOUND much better - they are one of the main reasons why vintage amplifiers are so prized and sought-after.

After years of painstaking research and development, in 2003 SoZo Amplification began manufacturing the SoZo Mustard Cap™ capacitors, which quickly caught on among discriminating musicians and amp designers. Now, hundreds of thousands of capacitors later, SoZo has engineered several product lines optimized for different products, including amps by Marshall, Fender, Vox, HiWatt, and others, as well as professional sound gear from Neve, API, Neumann, Universal Audio, Urei, and virtually any quality gear from the 1950's on.

SoZo Capacitors are used by:

Disclaimer: SoZo Amplification is not affiliated with Neve™, Mullard™, Vox™, Iskra™, Fender™ Marshall™, Epoxy™, HiWatt™, Selmer™, Traynor™, Sound City™ or the EPA!
Please allow several weeks for delivery with regular ground shipping and current demand. SoZo Amplification reserves the right to decline orders based on
misrepresentation or mishandling of the product. SoZo Amplification is not responsible for any damage resulting from unqualified usage of the product.
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SoZo Capacitors reserves the right to apply any customer payments from any invoice, first to overdue balances, and then to outstanding purchase orders.

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