February 2016



CE Distribution Exclusive Worldwide Distributor of

SoZoTM Capacitors


CE Distribution is pleased to announce their exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for the high quality, sought after SoZoTM Capacitors.  SoZoTM Capacitors are used by many great sounding boutique amp manufacturers for their superior tone and reliability.


The NextGen Mustard CapTM is the best known SoZo TM capacitor.  It is very popular among discriminating musicians and amp designers.


SoZoTM caps are superbly built, excellent-sounding caps. When one considers the audio signal can pass through as many as ten capacitors before exiting the amplifier, you can see how these components play an extremely large role in the tone of an amplifier.


CE Distribution is the leader in wholesale distribution of parts for guitars and amplifiers.  CE has been supplying music stores, repair shops and OEMs for seventeen years, offering the most extensive variety of products for guitar and guitar amps available.


CE Distribution is known for quality, availability, same-day shipping, and excellent customer service. Whether you are building, repairing electronic gear or reselling parts, CE Distribution is your partner in meeting your needs. Music stores, repair shops and OEMs can contact CE Distribution at (480)755-4712 or visit To order from CE Distribution, you must be a pre-registered wholesale business; for retail sales, see




300 Guitars – November 2009 –

“I think the whole Idea for SoZo started in the early 80’s when I started buying vintage gear. The reason I started is because I liked the clear sweet highs and the openness that only the point to point wired amps had. It wasn’t like nowadays as I’m sure you remember; there were relatively no boutique amps at that time, only mass production type amps (you young guys don’t know how good you have it!) I remember so many times when I went to check out an amplifier that was for sale, I saw so many hacked point to point amps that I had to pass on. We didn’t have eBay either, finding a part for an amp was hard! You had to buy what ever parts the local electronics supply had, if they even had the correct value in stock, much less the same type of part. With the inception of the internet I had the idea to develop and offer replacement parts for vintage tube amps. The one I started with was the most famous mustard cap.”

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ToneQuest – May 2009 –

” But this amp sounded even better than we had remembered… If anything, the jaunty liveliness of the Germino offered up all the tones of a stellar classic, but with the bounce and verve that four decades often sap from a vintage amp. And the level of difficulty in attaining this glorious guitar tone was no more complicated than opening the shipping box, plugging in a speaker and power cable and hitting the launch switch. We asked Greg if he had done anything different with this new 55LV, and he replied that it was the first amp he had built using the new Sozo Premium Vintage coupling caps. “

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Who Is Using SoZo?:

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